Ostrich eggshell may prevent collapse of gum line after tooth extraction, study says

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Ostrich eggshell may prevent collapse of gum line after tooth extraction, study says

Dental implants, fixed bridges and dentures are modern day solutions to missing teeth. For the success and natural looking appearance of these procedures, keeping the tooth socket firm and preserved after tooth extraction is a must.

A study done by a group of researchers from Centro Escolar University (CEU) revealed that ostrich eggshell in its pure form can be used as a graft support in preserving the alveolar socket, the bone that anchors the tooth, after tooth extraction.

The study, entitled, Ostrich (Struthio camelos) Eggshell as a Xenograft for Immediate Alveolar Socket Preservation, was conducted to produce graft material out of ostrich eggshell for socket preservation procedure. The processed ostrich eggshell will act as a supporting structure like a scaffold that limits early collapse of socket walls. By saving the alveolar bone, tooth restoration procedures can be done successfully. Without solid bone foundation, inserted implants may be unstable, and a collapsed ridge clearly renders a poor aesthetic appearance.

Results of the study showed that the use of ostrich eggshell as graft did not cause inflammatory reaction.  The graft was able to support the attachment of new osteoblasts or bone cells, providing an interconnected structure through which new cells can migrate and new vessels can form.

Researchers, Patricia Diana Suiza, Mostafa Mehrafsha and Beverly Go encouraged other researchers to explore the potential of ostrich eggshell as graft. They said, “We hope that this research opens opportunities for other researchers to further validate what we discovered. Consequently, this new discovery can help the field of dentistry in performing their work.”

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